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Sources with Reliable Jobs for Would-Be Freelance Writers

Beginners in the field of freelance writing often find it extremely hard to get well-paying jobs. There are hundreds of websites where one can get offers, but not many of them are truly reliable. If you aren’t careful, you may end up writing the requested text and not get paid for it.

In order to be sure that the clients you find through a certain website can be trusted, you should only use the services of reliable job boards. You can gather the necessary information about the board’s reputation if you visit some freelance writers’ forums and look up the reviews.

Freelancers take these issues very seriously, so you will definitely be able to find a list of trustworthy sources, as well as some “black lists” that include websites and clients that have been caught cheating the authors they employ.

Study these lists and reviews very carefully. If there aren’t any reviews for the job board you are considering, you should get suspicious. Although newly established services have some benefits, the number of prospective clients you can find through them is extremely limited. If you want to make the most of this source, you should also examine already well-established job boards. This way, you will be able to broaden your client pool.

When you send out applications, you should consider all kinds of clients, even those who require location-based writers. You won’t lose anything by offering them your services. Be sure to highlight the benefits of employing a freelance writer. Your email should be persuasive enough to make the prospective employer reconsider his or her chosen strategy of working with writers. Even if these clients do not hire you, they may add your name to their database and contact you at a later date.

Treat every application you send out with care. Many of them won’t bring you any results. However, you must invest some thought into each one. Personalize them to meet the requirements listed by the employer in the ad. You should also do some research of the company or blog you are applying to, and style your application email in a way that will fit them. This approach will show that you are really interested in getting the job, and will give you an edge over the lazier writers that simply send out standard applications to all prospective clients.

Look for clients both online and offline. You can meet people when attending various social events and seminars. Try to socialize as much as possible, and establish new contacts within your chosen professional field.

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