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Finding Well-Paid Freelance Creative Writing Jobs Online

Part of being a successful freelance creative writer is earning a decent income from your work. If you’re new in the field, it may seem a bit tough to know how to find well-paying work. So, have a look at these great tips about how to find well-paid freelance creative writing jobs on the Internet.

  • Choose reputable websites
  • If you’d like to find work that pays well, you should start by looking for reputable freelance websites. Reputable websites are more likely to have clients that pay their freelance creative writers well. Have a look at some of the discussions on freelance forums to see what people have to say about different sites, you may just get a few excellent tips about which sites to go for and which to avoid.

  • Calculate the rate per hour of each project
  • The projects that have the highest rates are not necessarily those that give you the highest effective earnings. Some projects that have high rates may take a very long time to complete. So, be sure to calculate the hourly rate for each project, as this is a better indication of the effective earnings.

  • Specialise in an area with lower competition
  • A good way to ensure you earn more is to choose an area of specialisation that does not have high competition. If there’s lower competition, you’re likely to be in higher demand, and get paid a higher rate for your work. Specialising in foreign languages, specific subjects, and understanding certain audiences are a few of the ways you can increase your demand, and thus your earnings.

  • Build good relationships with your clients
  • As with many careers that involve clients, it’s essential that you build a good working relationship with your clients. By doing this, you ensure that you get many repeat clients. You’ll learn to deliver more of what they want, and they’ll remain loyal to you, and pay you more in the long run.

  • Create your own website
  • Once you’ve established yourself as a good freelance creative writer, you can build your own website. You can include all your experience, skills and qualifications, as well as an excellent sample of your work. If you’re not experienced at building websites, consider hiring someone to create a very professional website for you. If your website is professional, it will draw professional clients who will be willing to pay more for good work.

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