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How To Create A Freelance Proposal: Practical Tips

If you are a newbie in the world of freelancing then you will soon get to know all the basic rules and norms of entering in to the business of freelance writing. First and fore most you will be asked to write a competitive proposal so that you can bid on freelance job. The whole system is like normal bidding where you need to place your best bids here it is your best work and then it will be selected out of all the bidders. If your work is the best then you will get selected for the job.

What is bid proposal?

A bid proposal is nothing but a specific summary of the fact that why will you be selected. It is kind of a greeting form your side on the fact that you are asking for a job. It also declares the details of your qualification and the background of work done on the basis of which you will be selected.

How the biding process works

The whole process is lot simpler than it actually feels like. You just need to send in your bid or proposal to the job site. They will immediately refer your work to the buyer or the client who has been asking for writers. If the client approves your work and is satisfied with your work then you are good to go.

You must keep one thing in mind is kind of resume for you as this is the only piece of writing on the basis of which you will get selected. Your skills, your excellence and your proficiency will be checked thoroughly

Let us discus on some facts that should be kept in mind while giving bids:

  • Never bid on every project: You should not bid on every available jobs on internet. There are thousands of jobs for a freelance writer over the internet. SO you don’t need to bid for all.

  • Read all the project details thoroughly before accepting the job. Without understanding the background you should never go for any work.

  • Never be too hasty while you are in to bidding for your work. This is the one thing on which the entire job acceptance matters. You need to be quite efficient and should intend to spend as much time as you can on your bid proposal.

  • Never try to underbid your fellow writers over the internet. This is not a good show of professionalism and neither thus it aggravates your image in front of the client.

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