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What skills you need to get the job of ‘freelance writer’

Of course, the first absolute requisite is good writing: in order to earn money at something, you generally need to be able to do it better than the average person can. This is not, however, enough on its own; freelance writing requires many personal attributes, and knowing these is good preparation to beginning on this profession.

Excellent writing

You need to have a demonstrable ability to write to the highest standard. A good way of showing this is through a successfully completed course of education. If you can show that you have written well enough to get a quality degree, this should give potential clients confidence in your ability.

Eye For Detail

Even if you are a good writer, to be a paid freelance writer you have to be meticulous; nothing should pass uncritically before you. Every single thing that you write should be precise, and every word efficiently chosen from all options. Knowing how to self-edit, and to be self-critical is essential, because there is nothing between you and your client, except for the job that you have done for them.

Ability to Write on Demand

You must be able to write on demand. This is very different from writing an essay, or a blog, when the mood strikes and inspiration sets in. If you have a client, and that client needs a project completed, you must simply write, without excuses, and without missing deadlines. Missed deadlines are the end of freelancing.

Ability to Write on Any Subject

Also, similar to the above, you must be able to write on any subject: you may have to write on golf, a blog about swimsuits and diets, or a review of a new toilet cleaning fluid. Each of these must receive the same attention to detail, and must be to the highest standards.

Confidence and Resilience

You must be able to withstand many, many rejections when you are bidding for work in a competitive market. But you must not give up, but need to keep on applying, with the same level of confidence, and with the same positive attitude.

As well as god writing, dedication, versatility, commitment, confidence and resilience are absolute must-haves in the role of a freelance writer. Develop these, and you can become a success!

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