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8 Quick Tips On Freelance Magazine Article Writing

The freelancing market can be difficult for newcomers, especially if they have no previous experience in writing. There are many talented writers out there who are not successful, simply because they do not know from where to start and how to handle this kind of job. Especially when you are working from home, it can be overwhelming to take care of every aspect that usually is handled by an entire team in a company. Each element needs to be carefully analyzed, especially if you are aiming to work for a magazine or newspaper. These tips will give you an idea of where to start:

  1. Find your own style. When you write for a magazine, you need to attract the readers and to make them become loyal to you. You can’t do this if you write generic articles, dull and without any personal style. Make jokes, introduce quotes and funny stories if you want to impress.

  2. Have a perfect grammar. Even if an editor sees your articles before being published, you still need to show that you know your job well, and the mistakes that you make are rare. If you write an article that needs one hour of editing, no magazine will be fast to hire you.

  3. Find your niche. It is very useful to be versatile and to be able to write starting from keywords, but this only means you will never be exceptional on a niche. Explore your passion and knowledge and focus on something that is really suitable for you.

  4. Start with small jobs. Even if you dream to work for big companies, you need to start from somewhere. No magazine will hire a writer without experience, so search for some jobs that will give you the opportunity to get some experience.

  5. Create a portfolio. Before being hired by any client, you need to show some samples of your writing and convince him why he should hire you, and not other freelancers. Write a few excellent pieces that you can present to anyone.

  6. Work for a low fare. You can’t expect any client to hire an inexperienced writer for an expensive fare. In this case, he could hire directly a freelancer with years of experience. When you propose for a job, ask for a price under the market. With time, you can increase it.

  7. Always deliver on time. This is the number one principle that any freelancer needs to have. When you are able to keep your word and to fulfill the requirements of the job, the client will most likely hire you again or recommend you to others.

  8. Gain knowledge. About any subject, as much as you can. The market is developing continuously, and you need to be always updated. Read the news, read books and improve your knowledge.

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