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Freelance Writer's Bio Writing: Focusing on the Main Issues

A job application to a freelance writing agency usually requires a writer’s bio among other things. Having a good writer’s bio requires writing it well. Good means brief and informative, with enough well-placed relevant facts to fit the job requirements and enough spice to make it stand out.

There are many things one shouldn’t include in his bio; in fact, it’s much easier to count the things one should include. We should focus on those more, because, it will be easy to refrain from all the unnecessary stuff through deduction.

  • Name.
  • The writer’s real, or made up name should probably always open the bio.

  • Brief description.
  • The next part should be of an introductory nature, describing your experience and telling the employee who exactly it is, who’s applying for the job. It should contain an occupation title, genres of choice, notable related facts like publications and awards. It’s best to only feature the relevant details, which might interest the employer specifically, or fit your job description. It wouldn’t hurt to try and mention only the publications that carry more weight and representation. Remember to keep it short, within a couple of lines.

  • Credentials.
  • It is, of course, very useful to mention something solid like your academic degrees and education. But it’s not advised to write too much as well. It’s only the relevant things you want there to be – the ones that will enforce your image as a competent writer. Never make this into a bunch of titles stretching over a paragraph; your bio should be brief and capturing.

  • Something personal.
  • You can write something about yourself, a fun fact, an interesting hobby you have, something that would bring your whole bio together and make you look like a living person who is interesting and rewarding to work with. A joke may be included, but be considerate - something light and unobtrusive is the way to go, if not sure.

  • Dreams and personal ambitions.
  • Whether you’re applying for a one-time job, or full employment, you should think of what you want your employer to know about your ambitions and the degree of interest in the job. Don’t get boring, don’t tell them your life story. And don’t be negative, or dwell on your frustrations, be positive and radiant.

  • Custom.
  • It’s also possible to add your website, or blog links, if you feel it will help you.

Overall, just try to show your better, more attractive side. And be fluid and ready to improve. Let your writer friend read it and be your critic, ask for more elaborate feedback. If you are open to more than one type of writing job, you should think of having a few different variations of your bio, so you could choose more easily. And get ready to be rejected. Your goal isn’t to be accepted everywhere, it’s to be accepted in a couple of places, so go for it. Good luck.

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