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What are the benefits of working for a freelance writing service?

Working for a company has many benefits: regular work, regular pay, holiday pay, and you can also avoid the arduous task of finding ‘new business’. However, these benefits come at the cost of your working freedom, and the benefits of freelance work. Knowing the benefits of the latter is essential to allow a comparison between freelance writing and company work.

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Working for a freelance writing service means, essentially, being your own boss. Of course, as such, you need to be self-disciplined, and driven. But if you are, you can work on your terms, and can fit your work around your family and other commitments. Because of this, you can also vary your work commitments as your time is more or less occupied. In quiet times, you can earn a little more, busy times, a little less.

  • Choose Your Work
  • You can decide, as a freelance writer, which projects you will bid for and purse, and which one do not interest you, or add to your experience and c.v. this can allow you, in a much more self-directed way, to gain experience in your given field of expertise. After a short period, you can find yourself with a highly specified and in-demand set of skills.

  • Develop Your Own Client Base
  • You can also, as an extension of the former freedom, develop a group of clients that you enjoy working for, that you have a mutually beneficial working relationship with, and who give you something like regular work. The best case scenario for freelance writing is to have regular contracts that you can work on with your own initiative.

  • Vary Rates Accordingly
  • In order to achieve this, you can be free to dictate your own terms, and can therefore make yourself more competitive it the open market. Also, as you gain a client base, and take on more work, you can, with a little more effort, earn more money by accepting more work, or by raising your rates. If you prove yourself to a client, and demonstrate to them that contracting you means a reliable service, and avoiding the hassle of advertising roles, then you can expect a little more from them.

And so, although it sometimes requires a little more initiative, a little more go-getting, with the appropriate dedication and time, the question actually seems more like: ‘why not be a freelance writer?’

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