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How To Find A Good Freelance Writer Who Can Help Me

There are times when you need a paper or article written for you and you may not know where to turn. There are many freelance writers out there that can help you get the paper written and have it done professionally. Some individuals are excellent at writing and can take a topic and easily create an article or paper with that topic without much stress. It is just something that they are good at. These professional writers can be found online.

But how do you know that you are choosing the right freelance writer?

  1. 1. Good feedback

  2. A good freelance writer will have good feedback from past clients. If a client finds a good freelance writer, they will not hesitate to let other clients know. They realize the struggles behind hiring a good writer with all of the bad ones out there so they will try and save other clients from hiring a bad writer by complimenting the good ones.

  3. 2. Solid background

  4. Most freelance sites offer a place where freelance writers can showcase their educational and professional background in the field. When you are trying to narrow down your clients, be sure to check out their profiles. You don’t need to hire someone with a degree in English to find a good freelance writer but I would look for someone with some sort of college experience. In every degree program a student will have to write papers so the college experience itself should be enough.

  5. 3. Proposal response

  6. A good way to ensure that you are hiring a client that at least read your whole proposal and made sure it was something that they could write successfully, try adding a line about a special word that you would like them to include in their response. For example, in your job post ask the freelancer to include the word “expert” in their response. That will help you weed out the people that didn’t even read your job description before applying.

There are so many good writers out there. You just have to find them. What a lot of clients do is they give repeated work to writers that have successfully completed their jobs for them. They also give them good reviews so that they can build a better profile which will make it easier for others to find them in the future.

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