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Thinking about online freelance writing opportunities

Thinking about using the internet for anything can be daunting; even buying a toothbrush via the internet can lead to an almost infinite array of choices. When what we are exploring is a potential career in freelance writing, how can we approach so huge a market? Follow these simple tips to maximise your chances of success.

Think About What You Want

The first thing to do is to decide precisely what you are thinking about, and what you are looking for in ‘online freelance writing’. Do you want to specialise? Work in many general areas? Have one client or many? Imagine, I mean, searching for something online when you do not know what that thing is!

Make A List of Possible Sites

There are many different site offering freelance writing opportunities. They will all have their own approach, and they will all have their pros and cons. Spend some time researching these and thinking about how they relate to what you think of as freelance writing. When you have done this, narrow down to a handful, or less.

Look at Each in Turn

Very carefully look at each item on your shortlist and explore what it is that they offer, and, more, how what they offer compares to what you are thinking about. Does it meet the criteria you decided upon in step one? If so, then contact them, register, and start making bids.

Decide Whether a ‘Less is More’ Approach is Best

Decide whether you want to stick to a few companies, and devote time to these, or whether you will apply to every company and see what happens. The problem with the former is that it restricts your market-reach. The latter though can result in over-extension, and you can end up firing of endless poorly written, hasty proposals and getting nowhere!

Decide on Rates and Times you Can Work

Thinking about when you are prepared to work, and how much you are prepared to work for, is the final step: getting lots of work for low rates can be nice, but if you find that you are working for low-rates, you might resent this, underperform, and this can result in bad reviews, and a spiral into the lower end of freelancing.

There are many things to take into consideration before beginning on a career as an online freelance writer. But you really must take them into consideration; think about all of the above, carefully, because these are the essential aspects of freelancing.

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