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Freelance Jobs For Writers: 5 Great Tricks For Starters

Every young writer dreams about becoming a freelancer. There are many advantages to this and you have the satisfaction of being your own boss. Besides, you don’t have a strict salary and if you need more money this month, all you have to do is work more. Of course, all this does not mean that everything will be a piece of cake from the beginning; actually, you might have a rough start. In the first few weeks it will be difficult to get any good job. Things will improve with time if you apply these tricks:

  1. Build a good portfolio. This is what can convince potential clients to hire you. Of course, this means that you must create some articles and introduce them in your portfolio. Choose different themes and make sure the content is perfect from every point of view. Even a few grammar mistakes can compromise all your work.

  2. Provide a profile picture. You will not believe what a difference this can make. It will make you seem more trustworthy in front of your clients, and they will feel more comfortable to hire you. You have to post a professional picture, not one where your friends appear. Be sure that you are smiling and you look honest and open.

  3. Keep your fare negotiable. Most of the time you will write your usual fare on your profile. It would help tremendously if you would write that the payment is negotiable considering the volume of work, difficulty and so on. Maybe some clients want very simple content and they are not willing to pay the full price for it. They will see that you are open to discussion, so they will make an offer.

  4. Ask questions. When you discuss with a client, you have to show that you are enthusiastic about the project, that you are eager to collaborate with him. You can do this by asking questions and details, and by coming up with new ideas that you can apply together. For example if he wants you to write on his blog, you can tell him what would you change or improve.

  5. Be honest about the deadline. Don’t try to push your limits, at least not until you create a good reputation. If you are not sure that you will be able to finish a project in time, it’s better to let the client know.

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