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Academic writing jobs online: how not to be scammed

Freelance writers seeking academic writing jobs may be familiar with ads and promotions offering work for writers. Some ads seem questionable when they mention they have more jobs than they can fill or claim you need to pay a fee to be considered for work. In some cases these are writing job scams, but it comes down to being able to identify crucial elements to avoid them.

In this highly competitive field there is an abundance of academic writing jobs available. Writers need to be smart when it comes to analyzing their opportunities so they can spend more time writing and earning income. The following points can help freelance writers learn red flags and what to avoid when seeking writing jobs online.

  • - When sites want you to pay a fee in order to search for jobs. Some sites that offer this service may very well indeed provide job leads. But in some cases you can find similar leads on your own for free. This is a word of caution as some sites you may not be able to tell how recent the list of leads is. Some writers may not get a list at all based on their specifications and lose money.

  • - When sites claim you have to pay a fee to have your work evaluated for submission. If a client is interested in learning about your work you should not have to pay a fee. On the other hand, there are legitimate writing contests that request a fee.

  • - When you are not sure who owns the rights to your work. Writing opportunities that include writers submitting their work may provide insight on who owns exclusive rights to content submitted. Sometimes the writer retains it, other times it is the client. You need to read fine print regarding what happens to your work when it is submitted.

  • - When a site unclear how you will get paid for your work. Legitimate sites provide thorough details on how writers will get paid. You may be able to disclose a rate based on your experienced. If you are not sure how payment will be made seek work elsewhere.

  • - When a site claims you can start working for free and says they will pay you latter. You should be able to start writing content for clients upon demand and know right away when payment will be made.

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