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How It Is to Be a Freelance Writer: 5 Myths About Working Freelance

  1. 1. Freelance writing is easy. Some people believe that if they can write and like it, they are bound to succeed as freelance writers. However, writing orders is very different from writing as a hobby. You don’t usually write about what interests you. You need to maintain the appropriate tone, language, and style. You need to do a thorough online research on your subject. You may have to figure out how to put into the text all those keywords your customer requires so as they do not irritate readers. Finally, you need to master the skills of self-presentation in order to get your first customers.

  2. 2. Freelance writers have lots of free time. Actually, in this career you can decide how many hours to work. You can take a day off or a vacation anytime you wish… if you can afford it at the moment. Remember that freelance writers do not get regular paychecks. You only earn money when you work on orders. If you take too few, you may find yourself struggling to pay your bills. Many freelance writes work even more hours than those in office jobs.

  3. 3. Freelance writers earn lots of money. This is only true for famous names. As a beginner writer, you can’t hope to make a fortune right away. If you decide to quit your daily job for freelance, it is recommended that you have savings in the size of your 3 to 6 month salary. This money will help you survive the first time when orders might be few and low-paid. It takes months of hard daily work to build your name and become one of those who can live entirely on their earnings as a freelance writer.

  4. 4. Freelance writing is no longer as profitable as it used to be. This myth is often promoted by established writers as they do not want more competition. In fact, new writing jobs continue to appear every day. Company websites and blogs, online magazines and newspapers, informative resources – they all need lots of texts on a regular basis. Despite competition from third-world writers, there are still lots of customers who are ready to pay more for a good job.

  5. 5. You need a degree in English or journalism or an experience as a staff writer to work freelance. In truth, the only thing that matters for most customers is your ability to write well. Even the top 20 magazines are ready to hire writers without past experience if they bring an excellent article.

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