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What Are The Best Freelance Jobs For Writers Available Online?

Have you been dreaming about become a freelance writer but are not certain where to begin looking? The best way to become a freelancer is by looking for short-term contract jobs online. First time writers may have a difficult time getting hired for online work without a well-rounded portfolio or reputation. The best way to get around this is by looking for jobs that are a bit lower paying but can help you build up a portfolio so that you get bid on better jobs later on.

Our recommendation is to begin by finding re-write jobs. Re-write jobs are good for freelancers who are just starting out because they can learn how to become better writers. Basically, if a client needs a re-write done they are either a.) Looking for an original version of an article or blog piece that has already been written or b.) Asking the writer to make improvements on content that they already own. Sometimes, clients will even require several of the same articles re-written differently several times. This may sound boring but it is actually a great exercise for learning how to write for the web.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

The best piece of advice for new freelance writers is not to bite off more than you can chew too early on. Chances are when you first start writing you won’t be that fast or efficient. It takes experience to be able to meet tight deadlines in large quantities. Do look for re-write jobs, but do not take on large batches with very short deadlines. These are typically for content mills that will not pay much but will have extreme expectations for how quickly you should be able to work.

Freelance writing can be a rewarding and unique job to do. However, if you do not enjoy writing web copy then chances are it is not for you. 99% of the work that you get will be SEO and re-writes when you first begin. If you are good then you may have the opportunity to do more creative writing later on.

Now that you know what the best freelance jobs for writer’s available online are you all you have left to do is start bidding on work. It may not come right away, but do not get discouraged. Everyone had his or her first job once.

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