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The Key To Becoming A Good Part-Time Freelance Technical Writer

What Is A Freelance Technical Writer?

A freelance technical writer simplifies complicated technical piece of writing for the benefits of the users. A technical writer also dishes out technical documentations. In this age of digitalization, more and more freelance technical writing jobs are offered by farms. But do keep it in mind that, most of the employers will look for candidates with technical background or some specific set of knowledge.

The Key to Become an Efficient Freelance Technical Writer

  • Keep The Learning Curve Alive
  • As you are in the technology industry, it’s up to you to grow as a professional. You need to keep learning about new technologies time and again to sharpen your knowledge. The internet is full of free resources – both in terms of video as well as text. You can subscribe to some tech-journals also. Joining online technical forums is also a great avenue to learn.

  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • If you are planning to make a long-term future in technical writing, then it’s very important to revamp your line of working. People, who work for a long time in tech-industry on the same role, become stagnant. Don’t do it to yourself. You should try your hands at various types of projects, writing about different types of technologies and continuously evolve as a professional writer, even if it’s a part-time job.

  • Don’t Take Your Readers For Granted
  • The digital space witnesses all types of technical writers. But most of them have a trait common - that they assume the readers know everything there- is- to- know, about the product. Not only the writers, even the developers who develop these products also, in general hold the same view. But in order to shine out, you do the opposite. Keep the language the simple and explanatory.

  • Add Lots More Visuals
  • Don’t always stick to the safe route by writing lines by lines in the web format. Make your write-up interesting by adding visuals- whether in terms of diagrams, charts or even screen-shots. Granted that there are some avenues like writing about programming language that doesn’t give out scopes for adding visuals, but still you should look out for avenues.

  • Be A Good Team-Player
  • If you are working as a part-time writer, then you must be working from home in most occasions. But still, develop the team playing mentality inside you as you would have done in a real corporate set-up. Whether its developers or QA guys, listen to their briefs attentively and deliver. Make yourself accessible at any given point-of-time.

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