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Looking For Remote Freelance Technical Writing Jobs: 7 Places To Check

As a freelance technical writer, your expertise makes it possible for readers to access well-documented information related to the technology, business, medical and scientific industries. These materials range from business communications to instructional manuals, informational materials and others. Depending on the scope of information or work to be covered, these documents can be as short as one page or as long as a thousand pages. One good thing about this type of writing is that it comes with huge compensation. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it takes certain specific skills to efficiently produce any technical document or material.

If you are experienced in this type of freelance writing on entry level but looking for better paying gigs, there are several places where you can make a head-start and quickly build your portfolio towards earning bigger bucks for your technical writing skills. Listed below are 7 places you should check. They are:

  • Society for Technical Communication (STC): There is no member of the STC that does not receive quality compensation on preparation of technical materials. This is mainly because this organization has proven to be an authority when it comes to design and delivery of technical content. You can email any local chapter in your area and volunteer for projects in order to help you gain more experience in the art of technical writing.

  • Local Companies: There is hardly any company that does not maintain an online presence. This means that you don’t have to live in a location with several companies before you can send in mails or call to confirm if they have entries for freelance technical writers. To increase your chances, submit your resume and portfolio to multiple legitimate companies that may have need of instructional manuals or other technical documents.

  • Technical Seminars: This is another good place where you can have opportunity to land a lucrative gig. With your interaction and relationship with the contacts you meet at these seminars, there are chances you can land one or more writing jobs, especially entry level openings.

  • Existing Clients: This is where making your clients happy helps. When clients are satisfied with your freelance technical writing skills, they are sure to recommend you to their colleagues.

  • Blog: Yes, if you maintain a personal blog where you showcase your experience in technical writing, it can bring in leads to lucrative writing opportunities.

  • Legitimate Job Boards: This is another good place to land technical writing jobs. There are several legitimate online job boards that list genuine writing jobs from reputable companies. All you need to do is register with them and browse for available jobs.

  • Social Media: The last but not the least, a lot of technical writers have been able to land freelance technical writing jobs from networking on social media. A good example is LinkedIn, a social platform where professionals connect and interact with each other.

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