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Online Writing Jobs: Tips For Dissertation Writers

  • Topic

  • In writing a thesis, the first thing to do would be to conceive of a topic. The student can consider his/her range of experiences both vocationally and non-vocationally. The student should select a topic that is close to the heart; one that he/she is passionate about. The reason for this is to convey passion to the reader and get the reader involved in the subject. The student eventually wants to persuade the reader that his argument is worthy and valid. The reader’s judgment in addition to the quality of proof the student lends to his hypothesis will give the dissertation its validity.

  • Collect Information

  • Once the topic is selected the student may collect information on his/her topic. He may go to various sources such as the Internet and the library. Entering various search terms into the search engine and using several of the many search engines will yield material that is more than sufficient to provide background information for the dissertation. The student may go to either the school or the public library and explore the resources available there. With the help of a librarian he/she may be able to elicit specific information pertinent to his subject. With the help of these two research methods, he/she may be able to hone down the subject of his/her study to a very specific topic. This will give him the ability to offer information that is unique and different and can make his dissertation stand out among many.

  • Thesis Statement

  • The student can go on to create a thesis statement based on the information he/she has gathered. The thesis statement will form the basic presumption for the entire dissertation. Each ensuing paragraph should flow from the thesis statement. Each paragraph should start with a topic statement, which begins a new thought, subsidiary to the thesis statement.

  • Outline

  • After creating the thesis statement, the student can construct the outline. The outline is to consist of the thesis statement on the first line; in the first major heading, with minor thoughts represented by the letters and numerals that follow. It represents the development of thought that the dissertation follows.

  • First Draft

  • The student’s job, now, is to retrieve the notes he/she has taken on the research material and prepare to fill information into the outline, creating the first draft of the dissertation.

The student should be careful to watch for grammatical errors and errors in formatting.

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