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A Guide For Freelance Proposal Writers: How To Get Top Clients

As a freelancer nothing feels good as that moment when you start getting your own clients. It is a sigh of relief for a lot of people because it really does feel like things are finally falling into place. It feels like you are finally getting the recognition for all the hard work that you have been putting into your work, and in this industry, this is the best feeling ever. However, if you thought getting clients was the best feeling, wait till you start getting the top clients; you will definitely be amazed at how awesome it feels.

From the moment you start getting some of the top clients in the industry, you are pretty much a cut above the rest. You are so far off from everyone else, because your pedigree is on another level. This means that the right people have been recognizing your work, and not just that, they have been following you keenly. Take it into consideration that most of the top clients hardly ever take time to hire just anybody, they take a lot of time to consider who they work with, because they do have a demanding audience, an audience that cannot be taken for granted.

If you are struggling to find yourself in such a coveted position, perhaps it should be encouraging to know that it is not impossible to attain, but with hard work, and determination you can get there too. After all, no one was born writing; we all learnt some of these things along the way as we grew up. Here are some tips that might set you on the right path:

  • Portfolio
  • In this business it pays and it pays handsomely to have your portfolio conveniently. There is so much that you will learn when you do this because most of the time, clients will ask you for a portfolio of your work, and if you delay in getting them the same, your chance might have passed to someone else.

  • Bidding
  • You have to learn the art of bidding, and most importantly, when to underbid and when not to bid too low. There are cases where bidding too low might make you sound so desperate and anyone who has a good gig will ignore you. However, at the same time, you must understand that some clients are on a tight budget, and for the same reason, you must know when to bid lower than everyone else.

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