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How to earn money on freelance online writing jobs

In the last 10 or 20 years since the Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon, one aspect of employment has been freelance online writing jobs. Where once upon a time freelance writers had to do all the marketing and selling themselves, today through the ubiquitous Internet it is possible to find work, promote yourself and make a living in an almost easy fashion.

True it is a competitive world. If you study the different agencies which seek to bring freelance online writing workers and employers looking for material together, you will see just how competitive the freelance online writing world is. In some cases a job can attract dozens if not hundreds of applications. Remember that often, not always, but usually only one person is awarded each particular job, then you can see that the failure rate is a very high.

If you are starting out in the freelance online writing job world and you are expecting to make money from this activity, then you will need a plan. And you also need a tough exterior because rejection is the name of the game.

Tips of the trade

So we assume your point a view when entering the freelance online writing job world is to make money. You are not therefore doing it because of your love of writing or because you want to fill in an hour or two every day. You want remuneration for your writing expertise.

The first thing you need to do is join a reputable agency or agencies. These are easy to find because they have been in business for many years and have hundreds of thousands of clients.

But it's not enough to simply join an agency; you need to build up your history. You need to present yourself as someone who is worth hiring. How do you do that? Well you must submit to the agency a portfolio of what you have written in the past. Make sure this is top quality writing. Do not include a single spelling or grammatical error in your work. Send a pleasant and pleasing photo of yourself. Remember people don't employee numbers or robots, they employ people.

If you can gather a collection of testimonials from people who have seen and appreciated your writing in the past, by all means include those as well.

And finally, apply for anything and everything which you can reasonably do because the more jobs you apply for the greater your chance of finding work.

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