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How to become a successful freelance writer

An easy guide to changing your career

Becoming a successful freelance writer can be done if you believe in yourself. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be prepared for the road ahead and challenges you may face. You need to have goals in line and how to achieve them. You need to believe in your abilities and what you have to offer. Be optimist about your future as a writer and seek ways you can improve your abilities. The following points can help you understand essential steps you should take to become a successful freelance writer.

  1. Get yourself prepared by reviewing yourself and your abilities. Take inventory on yourself to learn what you have what it takes to be a great freelance writer. What are areas you are lacking and how can you improve them? Have a positive mindset to help you make your career materialize. Of course, many essay writers try to find best job.
  2. Never stop learning how to write. There are different types of writing, different formats, and principles of effective writing you should know and review. Writing for the web is something highly common, but it is different than writing for print publications and books.
  3. What are strong points as a writer? Which genres do you feel are your expertise? Do you enjoy writing about medicine, marketing, or fund raising? How do you feel your expertise will help others?
  4. Start finding work and look into ways to get yourself out there. Review ways to pitch your services to potential clients. Think about writing experiences you have such as blogging, editing, proofreading, article creation, and so on. You may have different ways of pitching yourself to writing jobs online based on what the potential client is looking for. Don’t give up if it takes a while to find work. Have multiple sources lined up to search that offer freelance writing gigs.


  • Jonathan (SC): This resource has drastically changed my life! I was a common blue collar - the only thing difference about me was my gift for writing. I was able to become a successful freelance writer with your help. Thank you!

  • Maria (NJ): Thank you for helping me find a good online job and turn into a professional editor - I am now able to provide for myself and my family.

  • Gregory (TX): The best online blog for academic and business freelance writers and editors. It has all a freelancer may need: guides, manuals, samples and job lists. Keep it up guys!


job for writer

Be open to learn new things. You may learn something that can lead to a lucrative job. Keep your options open. This is something to consider if you feel you are stronger in certain markets than others.

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Online presence

freelance samples

Have your best written work ready to showcase as samples. You can have a website to help showcase your work with contact information in case clients want to contact you.

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writing skills

Learn negotiation skills and how to keep writing skills fresh and current. Some clients want fast writers while others want someone who can research quickly - it is up to you to decide.

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