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Things To Know In Order To Get A Freelance Copywriting Job Easily

If you are interested in earning income through freelance copywriting, it would surely interest you to know that there are thousands of writing projects posted on daily basis, both offline and online. However, even with the abundance of writing opportunities, a lot of freelancers still struggle with getting writing jobs. Whether you want to work on a full-time basis or part-time, there are certain things you should know in order to easily get writing jobs. They include the following:

  • Compile a portfolio: As a freelance writer, you should have an impressive portfolio. If you are targeting a particular niche, research and write informative articles in that niche and have them ready as your samples. You can also have a personal blog or write and publish on authority blogs in the niche you are targeting.

  • Make impression with your pitch: There is a saying that “first impression counts” and in freelance writing, it is very important that you make a good first impression each time you apply for any writing job. This is where your pitch comes in. Bearing in mind that lots of other freelancers are submitting applications or proposals on the same writing job, you have to take your time to craft a pitch that stands apart from others. Make sure you go through the entire job posting, note any specific information, instructions or questions. With this done, you craft your pitch based on these specifications. This is one sure way of telling your prospective client that you are a professional and at the same time, making yourself a prospective candidate for the writing job opportunity.

  • Maintain good communication: That your application or proposal is successful means you have more work to do. Yes, you should be open to communication. This means you have to check your inbox every now and then and also, ensure you respond promptly to emails and messages. No client wants to have a repeat project with a freelancer who rarely responds to mails nor updates the client on job status.

  • Stick to deadlines: A lot of freelance writers have lost clients because they failed to meet deadlines. In order to avoid this pitfall, don’t take more projects than you can handle. It is better to have a few happy clients than several disappointed clients. When you establish a good reputation in this area, you will surely be getting more copywriting jobs, even through referrals from your existing clients.

Other things you can do to get freelance copywriting jobs easily include registering and being active in a couple of authority writing communities or groups. There you can meet other writers and make connections that would broaden your opportunities in the writing world. Finally, always exceed your clients’ expectations and you will see yourself earning reasonable income from freelance writing.

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