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Choosing from a Variety of Freelance Financial Writing Jobs

There are hundreds upon hundreds of freelance writing jobs out there especially for the field of finance.

One of the best things about freelance work is the flexibility. This is not limited to the flexible working hours but specifically to the flexible jobs that you can find. You can narrow your search to any type of writing that is related to the field of finance or you can carefully select jobs that are financially minded which appeal to you the most such as blog writing or academic paper writing.

You can write all manner of content in myriad of categories including finance and management. You can specify that subcategory you want within the field of finance too. You can write articles for the web exclusively with a focus on short 500 word pieces on popular finance topics. You can write about financial news or certain financial companies. You can create white paper reports of financial companies or trends. You can make presentations that follow certain industries within the field of finance or how an economic change will affect the finances of a particular company. You can write finance papers for students professionally.

You can write eBooks about financial topics such as bitcoin. You can create web content for new financially minded web sites. You can run a blog or contribute to an existing financial blog. You can translate financial documents. You can write creative children’s stories that offer financial insight and teach lessons about saving. You can ghost write content for financial firms. You can edit financial documents. You can produce technical financial documents or create academic finance course material. You can create resumes for financially minded business people. You can write grants for new companies or draft sales letters. You can create sales scripts or even press releases.

If you are using a third party website to help you find jobs and contracts you can bolster your personal profile to showcase your skills. There are tests you can take in thirty minutes that will show your skills compared to other freelance writers. You can test in:

  • English sentence structure skills
  • English spelling skills
  • English vocabulary skills
  • English for business skills
  • Ghostwriting skills
  • Grant writing skills
  • Journalism skills
  • Medical transcription skills
  • Microsoft word skills
  • Press release skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Resume writing skills
  • Technical writing skills
  • U.S. English proofreading skills

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