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Hiring a freelance science writer at low cost

Science writing is a niche that not every freelance writer would be able to pull off. If you have a preferred freelancing site where you hire your writers from, there are some tips you can try that’ll make it easier for you to find a good science writer for a reasonable price.

That being said, it’s always best to find a good balance between hiring a competent writer, and hiring a cheap one. The secret here is to not go so cheap that you get a bad writer, but also not for someone who is overcharging you. Here are some ways that’ll help you find that balance.

  • New writers
  • There are a number of science writers who are attempting to enter the freelance market. Many of these writers are good, but they just need someone to give them an entry point into the industry. Because they are desperate to gain a foot in the door, they charge a lot less than the experienced ones. When you go for this option, there is a risk of landing up with an insincere writer who doesn’t take his or her work seriously, but more often than not, you get a diamond in the rough.

  • How to widen your options to find a fitting writer
  • Freelance writers who have experience in writing science niche articles may be harder to find than you think. In addition, finding one that’s native English is even harder. Your best option is to make the internet work for you. Post your project onto at least three different freelancing websites so that you have more applicants to choose from. From there, use your discretion and the other guidelines in this article.

  • Send lots of examples
  • Another way to ensure you get a cheap science writer while still retaining quality, is by sending your new-found writer lots of examples. This way, the freelancer knows what you expect, and can use the examples of templates for future writing.

  • Developing a good writer
  • By teaching your new freelancer how you want things done, you’ll also be growing and developing him or her. The writer will feel a strong sense of loyalty towards you and more than likely keep their fee low farther into the future. Developing a young, inexperienced writer is by far the most affordable way of getting your science articles written.

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