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7 hints to help you earn more money freelance writing

Freelance writing can be lucrative, if we know how to make the most of the opportunities. But given so many different means of approach, how can you earn more money? Here are seven simple tips that can help you with that goal.

  1. Be The Best
  2. Simply, if your work is the best, your reputation, and profile will reflect this, and you can ask for the highest rates, and can confidently apply for the highest paying jobs.

  3. Be Professional
  4. Never be informal when approaching work, always retain a professional, confident demeanour: when you sound professional, your potential client will entrust you with their project with confidence.

  5. Specialise
  6. Find an area in which you excel, and hone your skills, and profile, and portfolio, in that area. If you apply for medical writing jobs from a profile that shouts MEDICAL WRITING EXPERT you can pitch the client at the highest end of their rate.

  7. Pitch the Best Rate
  8. In order to earn money, you need to write the most effective proposals; your proposal needs to stand out in the huge crowd of online freelance writers. A large part of this is your rate, so get experience of pitching an attractive fee. I always look at winning bids, for example, and see how my suggested rate compared to theirs.

  9. Calculate How Much Time You Need
  10. Calculate how much time you need to spend on each role that you get, and never simply ‘write’ without doing this. When you have calculated how much time a role will take, and can take in order to be worthwhile, plan your means of approach and stick with your plan

  11. Mix Work
  12. Sometimes, writing on one subject can become tedious, and we can become blind to what we are saying. We cannot, however, just ‘stop writing’. So, find another project that compliments the current one, and when you need a break, simply devote the time to this other, slightly different role; from this you will get distance and perspective on both roles.

  13. Find Repeat Work
  14. Repeat business is, in short, the easiest and most effective way of enhancing revenue. When your clients trust you, and come to you with work, the legwork is bypassed and your time can be lucratively spent earning money and not pitching clients.

    These hints, if you follow them, can go some way towards helping you to maximise your freelance income.

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