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Solid Advice On Getting Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online

It may be getting towards that time when you’re starting to wonder about career options. Well, if you have an excellent command of the English language, as well as academic knowledge in one or many disciplines, then freelance academic writing may be a path you want to consider.

For some, it can be a rewarding full time career. For others, it may be just part time and/or on an as and when basis. The flexibility of freelancing is not for everyone, but it allows you to be your own boss, work from home and manage your own time, which can be beneficial to many.

What jobs are out there?

This is one sector that’s actually growing, so you will find plenty of opportunities on the internet. Academic writing can include subjects like finance, business, management, nursing, law, accounting and economics, so the more subjects you’re competent in, the more work you will be able to find.

Apply to a specific company.

There are some companies on the web to which you can apply to be on their bank of staff. As with any application, the more you spend time detailing your strengths and abilities, the more likely it is you will get noticed; and as you gain experience, and the more you can detail this, the more jobs you will be offered!

Other platforms.

Freelancers don’t just stick to one company though. There are plenty of platforms on the web where clients advertise. Make sure you have a list of all applicable platforms and constantly check on the posts and you’ll find an abundance of jobs to apply for.

Get yourself out there!

The basics really are that easy, but of course there’s competition to face, so the more you can ‘get yourself out there’, the better. Advertise yourself as much as possible, in a friendly and approachable way. Get involved with all appropriate social media platforms, and keep your profile updated. The more you get involved, the more you’ll find the work comes to you.

Get organized and do more!

Creating your own website is so easy these days, so if you’re serious about your work, you really can’t afford to be without one. Allow people to find you on the internet easily. The more you approach it all in a professional business manner, the more you will succeed.

It may be worth doing a business course first, or expanding your subject knowledge- so get yourself organized!

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