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In today’s world, everyone is keeping an eye out for the next job opportunity. The recession has not only meant people are losing their jobs; it has also meant fewer jobs are available and the ones that are pay less than before. Now more than ever, it is important to have the tools to land the best job possible. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

  • The Importance of Writing a Great Cover Letter

  • One challenge many people face is putting together an effective cover letter. The first part of any job application is, of course, the resume. You need to list, show and prove what you have done before. For the most part, though, resumes follow a fairly standard and formal template. Cover letters, on the other hand, are considered much more fluid. Writing a cover letter can actually be much harder than putting together a resume because it involves more freedom. The issue, then, is that someone can actually hurt their chances by writing a cover letter that isn’t effective.

    On top of how hard writing cover letter can be, that page or two of information can be the difference maker between whether you get a job or not. While resumes are important, as is relevant work experience, a cover letter is often times the difference maker in whether or not you are considered. That’s because a cover letter is usually the first thing a hiring manager reviews. If you have a resume that fits the position, the hiring manager will generally move right on to a cover letter that is supposed to expound on it. If your cover letter isn’t up to the task, you can rest assured you won’t be hearing from them. Fortunately, cover letter help is on the way.

  • Hiring a Professional Cover Letter Service

  • Our product solves this issue by helping people write the best cover letter possible. Great cover letters don’t simply review what a person has done. The best cover letters find a way to highlight the pertinent parts of a person’s work experience while simultaneously marketing them to prospective employers.

  • Cover Letter Companies to Avoid

  • Due to the pressure put on people submitting a cover letter, many companies have appeared offering their services. The problem is these companies, many of whom will attempt to garner your business by writing an initial free cover letter, end up delivering a simple, generic cover letter. This is the exact problem you were trying to avoid in the first place. While these are easy to churn out, a simple cover letter has no hope of landing you that job.

  • Amazing Cover Letters

  • Good cover letters are distinguished from the rest of the pack by delivering the employer pertinent information about a prospective employee that actually matters. Our team will work with you to not only review your resume, but to figure out the parts of it that are most relevant. Part of this analysis is done by actually studying your employer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what a company wants better than they do.

    When we create a cover letter, we do so by cross referencing your resume and relative work experience with what the company and position calls for. Just as important, though, we work with you to make sure the cover letter we create matches your voice. What you don’t want is a custom made cover letter that earns you an interview only to show up and have the interviewer find out it sounds nothing like you.

In general, cover letters should have the most professional tone possible. But we understand that standing out from the crowd is important too. Our writers know how to write a cover letter with personality without deviating too far from your own. Just about any position you apply for is more than likely going to involve a hiring manager going through dozens of cover letters. Let us help you stand out from the rest.

In today’s economy, you can’t take any chances with trying to land that next job. Part of any good job search is a great cover letter. Let our services work with you to design and create the best one possible.

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