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Top 10 Freelance Writing Jobs

The popularity of earning by working as a freelance writer has been on the rise. The flexibility and ease to write at one’s comfort zone on anything that might interest an individual are the highlight of such freelance writing jobs.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites

  • ODesk- The best site ranked in the year 2014, competition at ODesk is quite tough but if you have a great writing skill then nobody can stop you from earning the highest sum of money per day

  • Elance- If you are capable then you can earn thousands of dollars monthly or even per week

  • Freelancer- It is one of the best paid freelance job sites

  • People Per Hour- You will find lots of work here and you can choose the one most suitable to you

  • iWriter- Those interested in web content and article writing will find their choice of freelance writing works in this job site

  • IFreelance- If you are a data entry worker, a photograph writer, web designer or web developer, you can surely find some great freelance work offered by clients at a good pay

  • Freelancewitch Jobs- You will find suitable jobs on daily basis to earn good money

  • Demand Studios- Make up to $300/per week as a professional freelance writer

  • Simple Hired- Various full time and part time jobs are available here

  • Smashing Jobs- It is here you will find various writing, designing and programming jobs.

Other Freelance Writing Jobs

  • - By writing features at The Verge you can earn $700 - $2000
  • - 1 feature at Grantland (at can get you $1000 and a photo-driven bit can help you earn $750 - $850
  • - The Wall Street Journal pays about $1/word
  • - Penthouse pays around $750 - $1500 for their various pieces of writing to freelance writers
  • - SB Nation's Longform unit pays a hefty amount of $1,750 for their projects
  • - If you are particularly interested in story writing then you can earn
  • - pay about $900/month
  • - pays about $2,000/day for 8 pieces that can be published.

You have the freedom to choose to write on anything out of the blue and can earn a lot from it. If it sounds too good to be true then why not try a project and find out for yourself. After all you have got nothing to lose instead end up with a good amount transferred to your bank account.

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