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These days very few people feel comfortable with their job security. The economy is such that even the strongest companies can announce layoffs due to circumstances completely out of their control. As such, it’s a wise move to do everything you can to ensure you have opportunities should your employer decide you can be let go. While searching for available job helps, it will all be for not if you don’t have the tools to secure it. One of the most important factors in trying to land your target job is the cover letter.

  • The Importance of a Cover Letter

  • While everyone needs to submit a resume to attain an interview, cover letters are arguable more important. That’s because two people with relatively similar resumes will end up submitting almost identical resumes. Resumes don’t generally deviate too far from a standard model. They simply list your current employment, past employment and relative experience.

    Cover letters, on the other hand, are expected to be more unique. As such, they can often mean the difference between getting an interview and being immediately passed over.

  • Alternatives to Writing a Cover Letter

  • Given the importance they play, it’s no surprise that many people opt to hire a company to write their cover letter for them.

    Doing a simple search online will produce plenty of cover letter examples and, unfortunately, many people will simply copy them and then submit them to a company. This is almost guaranteed to result in a dead end. Cover letter templates are also easy to find online. The idea is that you can simply enter in your relevant experience to a preexisting form. Any company who produces this serve has no understanding of the importance of a cover letter that comes off as unique.

    Samples of cover letters also abound on the web. Although these may be great for inspiration or even idea generation, they are not much use after that. They can’t be manipulated into becoming cover letter templates. That’s because sample cover letters can’t possibly reflect a person’s own specific work experience and personality. Example cover letters are almost guaranteed to end up in a hiring manager’s trash can. So again, cover letter samples can be helpful, but a cover letter sample should never be used to try to generate a unique one.

  • The Right Way to Hire a Cover Letter Writer

  • Fortunately, you can do better than simply changing around a sample cover letter. Our service is designed to work with you to provide a cover letter than highlights your work experience while sharing your personal voice. Cover letter examples we can provide will speak to our ability to craft a document unique to the job seeker.

  • Examples of Cover Letters

  • We are proud of the service we have provided in the past and would be more than happy to share an example of a cover letter we have created. That’s because we know that anyone looking for help wants to see a good example of cover letters they can rely on. Our examples show our ability to grab a prospective employer’s attention within the first sentence. This is especially important when you are applying to a company that may receive dozens, if not hundreds, of cover letters for a position. If the document doesn’t immediately grab their attention, they probably don’t have the time to keep reviewing it. In fact, if you went through a hiring manager’s trash can, you would probably find a sample of cover letters that failed to do just that.

  • How Our Process Works

  • When we help develop a cover letter for a client, we do so in phases. Unlike a resume, every cover letter needs to be unique to the position you are applying for. So first, we will research the company you are hoping to work for. Then we will review the position, what it entails and what you will need to offer to obtain it. Lastly, we will work with you to understand your unique voice and personality to make sure it comes through in the wording of your custom cover letter. Hiring managers are immediately turned off by a person who doesn’t match their cover letter’s tone in an interview.

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