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Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: 5 Tips For Making A Good Start

If you want to start writing as a freelancer and you want the best beginner tips there are five tips below that will help you make a good start:

Tip #1:

Start working with a third party company. Find a company where you have the advantage as a beginner. This will help you out greatly in terms of getting your first job. The first job is crucial. And on some websites it is easier than others. The first job is particularly important for those who have never worked on the internet and have no internet based portfolio to show prospective clients. By getting the first job you can ensure that you have feedback from a client online and that you have a start to your online portfolio.

Tip #2:

When working with a third party agency or platform you can also gain additional protection against clients who fail to pay on time or communicate well. This can cause a great deal of personal and financial stress that you do not need as a beginner to the world of freelance writing.

Tip #3:

Get to know what your prices are. Make sure you take time to research what the average prices are for the work you are providing. You do not want to start out too high only to get turned down for every job to which you apply because your prices are too much. On the other hand you definitely don’t want to end up charging too little only to end up unable to make a profit in spite of hours’ worth of work that you are putting into the jobs. If you have a clear idea of what your services are worth and how much you can charge due to your skills you will be better suited to pricing yourself appropriately and therefore will be able to get your first few jobs much faster.

Tip #4:

Do not let clients take advantage of you. Just because you are new does not mean that you have to let companies or clients who are otherwise unethical or rude walk all over you. Take a stand whenever necessary.

Tip #5:

If someone is violating the rules of the third party platform you are using say something either to the client or to the third party platform. If someone tries to take advantage of you by requiring that you complete edits or changes outside of the parameters of the job then you should be sure to tell them. There is no boss to protect you in this world so you must protect yourself.

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