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Things To Remember About Writing Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms

Working, while being a stay-at-home mom, can be a liberating experience, as well as a nice income generating source. Like any other job, freelance writing while also looking after your kids, can be challenging and requires infinite patience, dedication and perseverance. If you are a stay-at home mom and are thinking of becoming a writer, we have some great pointers that will help you succeed in your goal.

  1. Can you spare the time?
  2. The old cliché about life as a mom being a full time job is true. Think carefully about whether you can spare a set amount of time each day that you can dedicate to your writing. A business runs no other way; you have to give it time.

  3. Is failure an option for you?
  4. Starting a new career is a path strewn with the possibility of failures. You will do jobs and succeed spectacularly. You will also fail spectacularly and feel like a dunce. Are you capable of handling that?

  5. Where is your old portfolio?
  6. Have you previously been a writer? Have you been published before? Do you have copies of your previous work? If yes, fantastic. If your previous writings are not in an obscure niche, most of them will still be relevant. Dust off your old clippings and start on compiling a portfolio.

  7. Have you started compiling a portfolio?
  8. Building on the previous point, if you are a new writer, what can you offer to show clients so they can have a feel for your writing abilities? Start writing on various topics but remain within your chosen area to compile a set of short, crisp and relevant articles that show off how awesome you are as a writer.

  9. How are you with creation?
  10. While doing the above, you will find out if you are able to generate interesting ideas and if you are capable of writing about them. Have your friends and family critique what you write. Does your writing style keep them hooked to read more? Do they understand what you are saying because your sentences flow well? Are you generating ideas that they feel interested in? Take the feedback and use it to improve.

  11. Finding writing jobs is tricky
  12. You won’t get a writing job just by showing up. You will have to work at marketing yourself to the right clients. Do not apply to every job you find. Only apply to jobs posted by clients with a god reputation and that pay well. Clearly negotiate the terms. Be ready to offer discounts in various ways when you start. Build slowly but surely. Good luck!

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