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How To Get Paid For Writing Articles Online: Top 10 Freelance Tips

  • The more open you are to writing different things, the easier it will be to find work. Working for renowned magazines can be a bit trickier to achieve than taking on Joe Bloggs’ blogs, but the more experience you get at writing articles, the more - and better - work you will find. Start at the bottom and take whatever work you can, as you make your way towards more favorable areas.

  • You can find plenty of jobs requiring articles posted by clients on various websites. Get to know the different platforms that advertise and be sure to keep up to date with job offers. The more you apply for, the more you will get!

  • Don’t just apply for advertised jobs though. With most of the internet platforms, you can post that you’re looking for freelance work too. The more thought you give to your profile and the more experience you can show, the more you will attract clients.

  • It’s also worth submitting to internet magazines. Plenty will have an open submission policy. Be sure to check exactly what their requirements are, be as familiar with the publication as you can be, and write an article to follow suit, and you’ll have a good shot at being selected. The more publications you approach, the more you’ll find work.

  • If you’re looking to work in a particular sector, such as sports or fashion, then the same rules apply as above. Target the publications that you really want to work for. The more all-round experience you have, the more likely it is you’ll eventually find work in the sector you’re most passionate about.

  • If you’re serious about being a professional freelance journalist, it’s probably worth doing a course first. The more knowledge and experience you have, the better.

  • Set up your own website. It’s so easy to do this these days, that you really have no excuse. The more you promote yourself and your services, the more you can let your clients find you.

  • Also make use of social media sites. Sign up for as many as you can and get to know which ones are most lucrative for gaining work. The more you promote your business and the more you use online sites, the more work will come.

  • If you have specific academic expertise, you’ll find there are plenty of companies who need experts. Some academic writing can also pay much better than other work.

  • Always remember to do a great job! If your work is top notch, you’re bound to be hired again by the same client or recommended to another.

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