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10 Profitable Habits Of A Freelance Writer

The best part about freelancing, we would all agree, is that it is not bound in the confines of a nine to five desk job. You do not need to wake up early in the morning, look presentable and go to work. You do not even have a boss. This seems like the ideal life for anyone, right? However, there are some quirks to this situation that cannot be ignored. More often than not, freelancers take this freedom for granted, and end up either taking up more than what they bargained for, or missing their deadlines, both of which are fatal to their careers. Therefore, here are ten profitable habits that will help you become a successful freelance writer:

  • Never miss deadlines:
    • - Except in the cases when life gets in the way, never miss deadlines.
    • - Keep track of all your assignments and jobs, and do not try to push them to the last minute by chanting the ‘I’ll work on it tomorrow’ mantra.

  • Pitch everyday:
    • - Freelancing is an unpredictable job. One minute you might be swamped with work, and the next week, you may realize that you have nothing to do.
    • - Therefore, keep applying to prospective jobs every day. Try with the smaller ones first, and then move to more involved projects once your schedule is lighter.

  • Sell Articles that you have lying around:
    • - Articles that you do not make exclusive use of can be sold on writing platforms for a good amount of money. You can find many once you look properly.

  • Communicate with clients:
    • - Clients like to know what is happening with their projects, so make sure to keep them updated.
    • - Send an email, tweet or even a text—it will help build rapport that might come in handy in the future.

  • Procrastinate wisely:
    • - If you have a project that is important, but don’t feel like working on it, work on something else. Procrastinate so it does not hurt your career and earnings.

  • Write every day:
    • - Even if you do not have work, write every day. Take up topics that interest you, and write sample articles. You will be able to use these in the future, or even sell them for good prices.

  • Do not wait for clients to come to you:
    • - As mentioned before, the freelance writing industry is unpredictable. Approach clients yourself, and tell them why they should hire you.
    • - If you sit around waiting for people to come to you, your career will crash as soon as it takes off.

  • Recognize your markets:
    • - Know what kind of audience you are writing for, and try to locate them in order to sell your work.
    • - In your free time, do some digging, and look up where the kinds of articles you write are demanded most. You will find a lot of profit in this way.

  • Have more than one client:
    • - The client you are working for now may cancel the project, put it on hold or even disappear on you. Therefore, never depend on only one client for all your income. Have secondary ways to earn as well.

  • Have a specialty:
    • - It is all well and good to be a versatile writer and being able to write for a lot of genres, but you should always have one thing that you are a master of.
    • - Specialize in one kind of writing that you love most, and soon you will find that once the clients are comfortable with you, they will approach you with other projects as well.

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