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Freelance Writers Wanted: Be Sure to Send Your Resume

Freelance writing is one of the most competitive industries right now. There are many more freelance writers looking for work than there are freelance opportunities. When you are looking for a freelancing position with interesting topics and good pay, you need to be sure to send your resume and samples that will show your skills.

  • Create a Powerful Profile

  • Many of the freelance sites give their freelancers the opportunity to create a profile. This profile page is the perfect place to put your resume as well as your favorite sample pieces. You can also include any special types of writing that you like to create as well as special skills you have, too. Some of the freelance sites also have quizzes that you can take to show that you really do understand grammar, spelling, or blog writing. The best part of the quizzes is that you can choose whether or not to show your scores and if you do poorly, you can retake them within a certain amount of time. You should also include a picture that show your personality in a professional way.

  • Have a Copy to Send

  • Your resume should not just be posted on your profile site, but you should be sure that you can send it at anytime. A pdf copy is the best choice because you can send it and anyone can open the file, but not modify the file. But, before you turn your resume into a pdf file, you should be sure that your resume is perfect. You do not want any spelling errors, grammar errors, formatting errors, or anything else that a potential client could find as a reason to not hire you.

  • Pick Excellent Examples

  • When you set up your profile, your sample pieces are just as important as your resume. If you are applying for job openings for blog posts, you should have some flawless blogs to share. They should show your skills in blog writing, headline and subheadline writing, as well as your personality. You should also have some serious pieces that show you can research and write in a more formulaic style. Along with posting these on your profile, you should also have them ready to send in a pdf style, too. It can be helpful to have a watermark on your pdf so the potential clients cannot use the copies you send.

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