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Freelance Technical Writing: How To Make A Successful Career

Freelance writing is a job that allows people to work from absolutely anywhere. Depending on the amount of time you can give to the job, you can be financially successful writing for clients all over the world. Many freelance writing jobs involve blogging or writing content for basic websites. When you want to build a rock-solid profile and find the best paying jobs, learn this style of writing. This is highly specific writing for content specific careers, like engineering and medicine. Because there are so few technical writers, those who can write for high-tech topics are in high demand.

  • Know a Specific Vocabulary

  • Many high-tech writers have degrees in writing and another major, like a science or other technical career. This gives them the language that help them craft the in-demand pieces that their clients desire. If you do not have the money or time to earn a specific degree, you can learn technical writing through manuals and tutorials. Like other writers, you will most likely have an area where you specialize.

  • Build a Collection of High Quality Samples

  • When you are ready to begin your writing career, it is a good idea to gather your samples together. The clients who want highly specialized writers will want to see proof that you know how to use their professional language. If you are unable to include specialized terminology appropriately, the client will move on to someone who can. Your samples should cover different types of writing, like manuals, specification sheets, and communication documents.

  • Keep Your Language Professional and Easy-to-Read

  • When you craft your samples, you should follow the rules of technical writing. It is best to use a writing style that does not include flowery, descriptive language. The best writes are concise and specific with their words. You should also know how to write headings for graphs, charts, and sections. Everything should be written with the express purpose of being easy to read, so that instructions, specifications, or other purposes are easily understood. This does not mean you write for an audience of children, but for the intended audience of your client’s industry.

  • Craft a Professional Portfolio

  • In order to be a successful freelancer of any type, you should be sure to keep your profile positive. There are so many professional writers, but not many of them have profiles with spotless recommendations. When you meet your clients’ requirements, you will receive feedback that will help you get better jobs.

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