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Most popular types of freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing can be a very rewarding and freeing process. It brings with it the ability to write on topics about which you care. It brings with it the chance to work when you want and choose not to work when you want to do something else. But it does require the discipline to meet deadlines, force yourself not to snack all day and work instead, and to remain professional in spite of the many unprofessional clients that exist online.

If you do not go about it safely and with caution, you will find yourself taken advantage of once or twice. Thankfully though, the industry has seen tremendous growth over the past five years and with that it has brought increased security and protection measures for clients and contractors alike. Now freelance writers can work without the risk of not receiving payment or having communication cut off entirely. There are now legal measures to protect freelance writers against such things too. This makes it much easier to sleep at night, knowing that at the very least, a non-communicative client will have to pay you within a set time period.

There are many jobs available in categories including:

  • - Legal
  • - Finance
  • - Management
  • - Engineering
  • - Administrative support
  • - Sales
  • - Marketing
  • - Writing
  • - Translation
  • - Design
  • - IT and programming

If you want to complete writing jobs you can find many jobs in the following sub-categories:

  • - Article writing
  • - Web content
  • - eBooks
  • - blogs
  • - editing and proofreading
  • - technical writing
  • - academic writing
  • - resumes and cover letters
  • - press releases
  • - and more

Within these categories and subcategories you can advance your skills with tests. These tests showcase why you are a cut above the competition. You can test your skills against other freelance writers in the industry and showcase the results for categories such as:

  • - academic writing
  • - article writing
  • - grammar and spelling tests for different languages
  • - blogging best practices
  • - business writing
  • - copywriting
  • - creative writing
  • - eBooks
  • - English grammar and sentence structure
  • - Ghostwriting
  • - Journalism
  • - Microsoft word
  • - Press releases
  • - Resume writing
  • - Technical writing

If you plan on completing academic writing you might find jobs asking for online courses to be developed. Another job might require articles related to online writing. You might be asked to craft question banks for student tests or develop example essays that can be used during a lecture. The possibilities are endless.

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