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Searching For High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people get into freelance writing is for financial freedom. Everyone wants to work for that one company where they can work from home and make great money doing something they love.

Maybe others like the diversity of working on different writing jobs with varying pay scales. Any way you slice it, everyone wants to find those high paying freelance writing jobs. But where do you look?

Places to Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Here is a list of places to look for high paying freelance writing jobs.

  1. 1. Freelance platforms- Register as a free member and create a profile. The key to this is writing about something you know about; a specialized niche. Once you create your profile you can search by fixed rate or hourly jobs; pick your range and start searching.

  2. 2. Work-from-home job boards- These are also free to sign up for and are a great way to find writing jobs. The same rules apply as using platforms, search for the pay range you want. The added bonus with finding high paying jobs on these boards is that you can usually find info on the company and ask other members for their personal experience.

  3. 3. Simple Google search- Google “writing jobs from home” and you will find a list of companies that hire writers. Whether or not all of these companies are considered high paying will depend on what your definition of high paying is.

  4. 4. Social media- Social media is explosive in this day and age; why not make money from it? Look for writing groups that have a high number of members; this means that the group has substance and more than likely posts high paying freelance jobs. Keep in mind that you will not be bombarded with job listings from these sites all day everyday so do not count on it as a regular source for jobs. However, the more groups you are a part of the chances of landing a decent paying writing job will increase.

When you are first starting out as a freelance writer, take advantage of ALL of these options. Once you get your feet wet you can decide which one is the best to focus on. Also, make sure to do your research on any writing company before you start working. Make sure they are legit and that they pay.

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