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Where To Go In Search Of Well-Paid Legit Online Writing Jobs

The Internet abounds with lucrative opportunities for writers nowadays. Depending on your skills and preferences, you may try your hand at creating web content, technical writing, blogging, fiction writing, news reporting, writing for businesses, etc. All you need to succeed on any of these career paths is create quality content.

The majority of online writing jobs are developed for freelance writers. It means that you should work as an independent contractor and look for suitable projects yourself. Being a self-employed online writer is quite a beneficial option since you may pick the hours to work and the topics to write on. However, you should search for well-paid openings yourself. The challenge is to know where to seek and how to distinguish legit job offers from scams.

Places to land online writing jobs

Different types of freelance jobs are available on the Internet. Here are some places you should definitely visit in search of a well-paid gig:

  • Content sites.
  • You may try earning some cash with creating content for websites. Your articles should include specific keywords and meet all specified requirements. To get a job, visit the content site and apply to write for them. Be selective since some content mills don’t pay much.

  • Online job boards.
  • Check ads on any reputable online job board. The openings may include writing copy for websites, press release writing, technical writing, legal writing, ghost writing, and even creating e-books. If you meet all of the criteria, you are likely to get the position.

  • Freelance writing websites.
  • All types of writing jobs can be found in these places. Whether you consider writing for blogs, writing online reviews, copywriting, or any other way to be paid for your skills as a writer, you’ll find what you need.

Signs that the job is illegitimate

There are lots of scam jobs on the Web, and your task is to distinguish which offers are legit and which ones are not worth your attention. Here are some signs that should make you alert:

  • You are asked to provide several pages of text as a free trial.
  • The chances are high that the client will disappear after receiving your work. Legit companies always pay for trials.

  • The client’s website doesn’t exist or there are no alternative ways of contact.
  • If you cannot get in touch with a potential client through telephone or Skype, or if their website doesn’t function, don’t risk.

  • The rates are too low.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. Legit online writing jobs are always well-paid, and if you create quality content, your skills will be valued high.

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