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Excelling in writing freelance writer cover letters

You only usually get one chance to impress your prospective employer. One way to help capitalize on your skills is to submit a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter is basically a formal letter to your prospective employer that lets them know why they should hire you. It will need to possess information pertaining to the skills that you possess that will translate directly to the job that they are asking you to do.

To excel in writing a cover letter, you will want to try and include some key points that will set your resume apart from the many other resumes that your client is receiving. It won’t always come down to just money. In the end there are a number of things that a prospective client will look for in a freelance writer. Knowing what the client may be looking for and being able to incorporate it into your work will make a huge difference in whether you land the job or not.

Here are some ways to excel at writing your cover letter:

  1. 1. Be specific
  2. One of the most important things to worry about when writing your cover letter is whether or not it is specific. Instead of writing that you have done some product reviews, you should list some examples or tell what sites your reviews may show up on. The specific information is a lot more useful than an elusive reference. Tell your prospective client about how long they were and how they were formatted. Give them a visual of the work that they will get out of you.

  3. 2. Background
  4. It may be helpful to give your prospective client a little bit of background information on you. This would obviously only pertain to the background information that deals specifically with the task that you are applying for. Tell what experience and education qualifies you to complete the task that they are asking you to complete. Give them an idea of how you accomplish these goals and how you can utilize those skills to complete their project.

  5. 3. Reliability
  6. Give your perspective client an idea of how you will meet deadlines and how you can assure them that the tasks will be completed on time. Explain to them how you are reliable and not just say that you are. Make sure that you are honest with your clients and that you hit your deadlines. It does not take long to be considered unreliable. If you find yourself missing one due date, you will be regressed back to an immature writer. You need to make sure that if life gets in the way, you let your client know what is going on. They have to know that when they ask you to complete an assignment by a due date, that it will get done.

  7. 4. Accountability
  8. You have to make sure that your cover letter is accountable to your client. The easiest way to ensure that this is done is to address the specific job at hand. Let your client know that you have actually read their job description and that you have given thought to whether you can really complete it or not. One way that clients make sure that you have actually read their job description is to incorporate a secret word that you have to incorporate into your proposal. Be sure to read it thoroughly and include any of these aspects.

These are sure to help your resume get noticed. A strong cover letter will get your resume looked at over other prospective freelance writers.

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