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3 things you should know about online freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great way to make extra money or earn a living income. The options for writing are practically endless, but there are a few important things to know. Freelance writing might sound like a romantic job, full of travel, intrigue, and fascinating subjects. This is not the case, the work is not always easy and it really does take time to complete. You rarely get to write whatever you want and you are not truly your own boss.

  • Not a Romantic Career
  • Freelance writing is different than what we see in the movies. The majority of freelance writers today are not out investigating safaris in Africa or following a murder case to develop a phenomenal non-fiction book. Today‚Äôs freelance writers write blogs, content articles, product descriptions, short stories, and other smaller project. In most cases, when a freelance writer is hired, the client will dictate the topic and word count, as well as how much the client can afford to pay. If the freelancer cannot meet the needs of the client, there are several more freelancers available who can get the job done on time, for a low price.

  • You Actually Have to Write
  • Freelance writing is work. In order to get paid, you actually have to write. This means that you have to sit somewhere with your computer and type. In many cases, you will need to be able to write quickly and not have to edit and revise repeatedly. You will need to understand what good writing looks like and sounds like, without having to consult many sources. The faster you can accomplish your work, the more money you will make because freelance writing today is all about time. Most freelancers get paid by the piece, so the more you can complete, the larger your income will become.

  • Self-Control is Important
  • Freelance writing takes self-control. Since most freelancers work on their computers, they have instant access to distractions like the Internet and all that it offers. You will need to be able to control your urges to constantly check social media or play your favorite time-sucking games. Buckling down and getting job done is the priority when you are working on a freelance project. It can be helpful to set a schedule for your writing and pay attention to what you can get done in a certain amount of time, so you know what you are capable of so you do not overschedule yourself.

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