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Instructions On How To Get Freelance Jobs In Writing And Travel

With the growing importance of content marketing for helping businesses to build their brand and create a powerful online presence, there’s more of a market for freelance writers than ever before. If you’re working as a freelancer, it’s a good idea to have a niche. Writing within a niche allows you to use your existing knowledge, cultivate further expertise, and find clients willing to pay for someone who really knows what they’re talking about. If you love to travel and experience new and exciting places, freelance travel writing could be the perfect niche for you to focus on. You can easily find work writing content that has to do with all different aspects of travel, from choosing hotels and airline flights to communicating and following local etiquette in a foreign country.

If you’re interested in writing about travel, the first step is to look specifically for clients who need travel-related content. This can include blog articles for travel agencies and hotel companies, as well as content for travel magazines. Here are some ways that you can find freelance jobs writing about travel.

  • Look for content writing gigs with companies in the travel and tourism industries. One of the easiest ways to find plentiful work writing about travel is to look for listings on classified websites and freelance bidding sites from companies in the travel and tourism industries. This can include travel agencies, hotel chains, resorts, and even airlines. If you’ve traveled extensively and you’re familiar with the ins and outs of visiting new places, then you have valuable expertise that can help these companies communicate with potential customers and clients about what they have to offer. Because they need writers with this niche expertise, many of these clients pay relatively well.

  • Try pitching articles to travel magazines. If you travel frequently and have had interesting experiences and insights in the process, you could potentially have suitable material to write an article for a magazine. There are many travel magazines currently being published, some of which exist in print, and others which are located purely online. Magazine writing, while not a steady gig, tends to pay considerably higher than general content writing. Pitching a magazine article could potentially give you a unique opportunity to express yourself, and as a bonus, you’ll get to put your real name on it. Having published in a magazine is valuable experience for your portfolio and resume, and your article could bring in a significant sum of money that could prove tremendously helpful.

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