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A list of various kinds of freelance writing jobs

Writers wanting to start a career as a freelance writer will want to know what opportunities await for them. In short, you have a variety of web and print opportunities that allow you to hone your writing skills while earning great income. Once you understand the types of freelance writing jobs available you will know where to look to find lucrative opportunities. You can create your own opportunity to help showcase your skills so you become more qualified for writing gigs as they come along. The following points offer more insight on writing jobs available.

  1. 1. Web content writer. Produce articles for websites seeking to stock content for their site. Writers will produce content based on keywords and terms most commonly used in online searches.

  2. 2. Web copy writer. There are job boards that feature freelance writing jobs of this nature. These jobs have writers creating copy for promotional and sales purposes.

  3. 3. Blog writing. Bloggers will produce fresh articles and written content for company and individual blogs. Some writers have their own blogs based on subject matter they know best.

  4. 4. News writer. Also known as a news reporter you can produce content based on what is happening in the media and breaking news events. You may or may not need a college degree but you can produce content for local and national news outlets as a freelancer.

  5. 5. Features writer. This writer produces written content for magazines, newspapers and websites. The content varies as it can be commentary, interviews or when they want to present a new perspective on a common trending topic.

  6. 6. Ghostwriting. As a ghost writer written content is produced without a byline. You can produce content for someone without getting credit for it yourself. You can write about any topic and even produce eBooks.

  7. 7. Academic writing. You can write essays for publication or lend writing advice to academic students learning how to write their own papers for school.

  8. 8. Technical writing. If you have a knack for helping others learn how to do something, you may enjoy writing manuals and how-to content. This is for detailed writers that can write well on how to use or perform duties and products.

  9. 9. Resume writing. Experienced writers can help people land their dream job by providing assistance in how to produce a quality essay.

  10. 10. Book writing. This can include different categories including eBook writing and print books. This allows writers to learn about the publishing industry.

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