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What Do Freelance Writers Do: A Guide For Freshmen

If you’re standing at the doorway of a possible career in freelance writing, then here’s a quick overview on what freelance writers get up to.

  • Freelancer writers turn time into content

  • As a freelance writer, you will be required to sacrifice your time in order to conceptualize and write excellent content. Freelance writers know how to be creative, informative, and interesting in their writing. They are skilled at sitting back and thinking up creative ways of organizing their content so that it’s fun and easy to read.

    A lot of the writing process also involves researching your topic. This is a skill that every freelance writer must possess if they plan on being informative in their writing. Inquisitive, information-hungry individuals often make the best freelance writers.

  • Freelancer writers are alphabet wranglers
  • Words, spelling, and punctuation are all skills that come naturally to freelance writers. Although they have a talent for language, they are constantly refining their skills in new forms of writing. They can adapt to new styles easily and then switch between those styles whenever it is called for.

    Having a good understanding of the English language also allows professional writers to bend the rules sometimes. This should be done in moderation and must have a purpose if done at all.

  • Freelance writers are often not credited for their work

  • One thing you will need to come to accept at the beginning of your freelance writing career is that much of your work will not contain a by-line. This means that the person or company paying you has the right to use your work as their own. This can be especially challenging with eBooks, because all your research and writing skill will ultimately have some else’s name credited to it.

  • Freelancer writers are free, but disciplined

  • Whether a freelance writer plans his or her writing around their free time, or their free time around their writing, they need to be disciplined individuals. Yes, you will have the freedom to work when it suits you, but bear in mind that an unhappy client whose deadline you fail to meet, may damage your reputation with a bad review.

    Freelance writers are also adept at conceptualizing topics, yet at the same time can be constrained to write about a given topic when necessary. Where the topic choice is your own to make, you will need to be creative and write something that catches readers’ attention.

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